Express Plast Services & Products

We realizing that our success is coming from our customers’ success.

We are always seeking to acheive our customers’ expectations and trust by producing perfect product according to the required standards and specifications in assigned scheduled time, our flexibility and experience helps us to figure out the ways that make our customers’ products get the upper hand at the market. we have a productive awareness of our customers’ industries.
We promise our customers to keep searching out the latest techniques and the perfect materials .

  • This is a list of our most important products

  • # Manufactored products Services / Targeted Customers
    1 Vacuum Bags. Foods products (Milk & Cheese products & Coffe & Leavining)
    2 Various Types of Shopping Bags. Shopping needs
    3 Napkins Bags. Napkins Products
    4 Diapers Bags. Diapers Products
    5 Various Frozen Food Bags (Box – Stand up – 3 side sealing). Frozen Foods Industry
    6 Detergents Bags (Housekeeping materials). Detergents Products
    7 Fertilizers Bags. Fertilizers Products
    8 Various Zipper Bags (Stand Up – 2 side sealing – 3 side sealing) Blank & Printed. Various products includes all types of products
    9 Rolls Ready for slitting / shaping /packing. Various customized products
    10 Sugar & Rice Bags. For packing foods
    11 Stand Up Zipper Bags. Various products includes all types of products
    12 Paper Bags Casted & Normal. Coffe & nuts Products
    13 4 Side sealing Bags. Various products includes all types of products
    14 Dry Food Bags. Dry Foods Industry
    15 PVC sleeves for bottles & Cans. Bottles & Cans Products
    16 Spouts Bags. Liquid Products
    17 Medical Needs Bags. For medical industry
    18 Shipping Bags. Shipping Services

To increase the competitiveness of our products consider the following:

  • Product Quality.
  • Fair prices.
  • Time committment.
  • Technical innovation.