About Us

Why Express Plast

General Policy

  • Our Targets:

Coverage of our customers and market needs in assigned times with competitive prices by implementing a high quality & safety systems according to global standards and legal regulations.

  • Our commitment:

Continues improvement for the following issues: –

  1. Providing the needed training & sessions and courses to increase the knowledge, skills and efficiency of employees.
  2. Provide the needed affective and preventive maintenance programs for equipments and buildings.
  3. Intensive and affective insects & housekeeping controls and regular measures to assure the efficiency of the systems.
  4. Review the company policy regularly with each management review and meetings.
  5. Protect the environment and reduces the wastes, oil leaking, radiations exposures and wastes disposal according to lows and prevent its harmful affection.
  6. Chances equivalency between all workers on same measures and degrees upon work efficiency and performance.
  7. Implementing the standards, laws and regulations of food safety, environment and occupational healthy and safety procedures.

– The continuous improvement of our staff experience and efficiency
– Keeping the requirements of ISO 9001:2008

Food Safety Policy

EXPRESS PLAST Co. Commit in all levels and force commitment to all stages direct/Indirect by the following: – 

  • Manufacturing, monitoring, storing, marketing the packing and packaging materials with high quality according to the global regulations and customer demands.
  • Continues improvement according to global standards (BRC/PM).
  • The awareness and acknowledge of top management and all working staff levels the importance of quality starting with purchasing raw material, storing etc.. till delivery of the final product to the customers related to foods industry.
  • Follow up and implementing all laws, regulations and systems related to food safety.
  • Implementing and accordance with all laws related to food industry & all other regulations issued from the concerned authorities and organizations.
  • The company following the strategy of non-polluted materials, waste reduction and safe operations during production steps.
  • Evaluating all suppliers’ quality systems and performance giving advantage for the committed to the quality regulations and laws.
  • The company seeking to reduce materials used and the perfect behavior towards disposal of wastes of packing and packaging materials.
  • Using of a recorded procedures and sources needed to train employees and providing the needed measuring tools/equipments to achieve the sustainable development.
  • Road map, responsibilities to achieve the company targets and define the delayed issues and make the needed action plans to facilitate the achieving the targets.
  • The company seeks for customer’s satisfaction by providing a high quality and suitable time of delivery to customers.

The quality targets always under evaluation and modification according to any update or needed reviews even if it had to modify the policy.

Sustinable Development/Code of Ethics

The company and its sub contractors commit with the following:-
Integrity, justice, honor, honesty, transparency and mutual respect between the company employees and companies that dealing with.
• Implement all procedures and administrative systems and respect organization chart.
Adhere to the rules, instructions and procedures of the operating sites.
Implementation of occupational safety and health requirements, securing the working environment and compliance with legal requirements.
• Follow the policy of sustainable development and development of workers and management and operation systems.
Interact with and care for the needs of the community.
• Respect and maintain the environmental system.
• Preventing the employment of workers under 18 years of age.
• Inspection and maintenance of the company’s equipment and use of approved inspection models.
Protection of individuals and non-discrimination on any basis where the only criterion for evaluation is performance and diligence work.
• Continuous and permanent awareness to ensure that workers have adequate awareness and experience.
• Provide all the work needs of the workers (prevention tasks – spare parts – different means of protection, etc.) to ensure the protection of workers.
• Require employees to report any hazards at the workplace and not to endanger themselves or others and stop dangerous work.
• Development and innovation.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

According to HSE general policy is keep to carry out its different activities by different means any ways that achieve the highest standard in health, safety and environment that stand on :
1- Complying with laws, regulations and HSE requirements.
2- Concerning:
1-2 Following the special regulations of safety work that protect all employees from any risk related activities
2-2 Applicabilityof all programs related to control and prevention of losses
3-2 Managing all HSE subjects as well as other subjects
4-2 Being helpful in case of emergency to other neighbor companies.
3- Environment keep to environmental protection by:
1-3 Reducing emissions disposing waste according to low No:4/1994&9/2009
2-3 Preventing oil , chemicals spill or radioactive materials radiation and their harmful effects.
4- Assurance of :
Conveying information that IS related to HSE performance clearly to concerned parties & Applying HSE requirements that are implemented in company by contractors.
5- Training & HSE awareness
Arising the culture of employees to participate in implementing the items of HSE policy & Conveying HSE awareness and quick investigation to injury , destructive , nondestructive accidents , unsafe acts or (Near misses)to find their direct /indirect causes , to prevent reoccurrence and to get learning lessons.
6- Continual improvement:
Achieving the continual improvement in HSE subjects & Presenting the human/materialistic resources and also suitable technical support to implement HSE policy & Making monthly HSE review for all company sites to ensure the active application of HSE policy to improve and modify it required & Carrying out an emergency drill monthly for all company sites.

– Our company have different kinds of printing ( Rotogravure & flexo ) up to ten colors and more than fifteen categories of products